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3 Steps To Using A Plumbing Snake To Get Toys Out Of Tub Drains

Do you have small children that like to play with toys in the bathtub? This can be great until your little one sticks a small toy in the drain the second you have your back turned. From the time you turn to get a towel, you may be watching a small whirlpool sucking that poor toy soldier down the drain. This problem can cause other plumbing to be slow or backed up. Before you contact the plumber, here are some the steps for using that old plumbing snake and fishing the toy out of the drain:

Step 1. Let Any Excess Water Drain Out Of The Tub If Possible

When the toy is lodged in the drain, letting the water out is not going to hurt. Actually, draining the tub can be good to prevent pushing the toy deeper into the pipes, which may be too deep for the snake to rescue it. Before you start using the snake in your plumbing, let the tub drain for a little while and come back with the tool in-hand to tackle the problem.

Step 2. Open The Overfill Valve To Access The Drain And Toy In Despair

One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to solve a tub drain problem is messing with the drain and pushing the object deeper into plumbing where a snake may not be able to reach. Instead of putting the snake directly in the drain, unscrew the overfill and remove it. This can give you access to the toy that is blocking the plumbing and allow you to use the snake without pushing it too deep into the drain.

Step 3. Carefully Slide The Snake In The Pipe To Remove The Toy From Trouble

While using the overfill opening can help prevent pushing the toy deeper into the drain, you will still want to be careful. Some snakes have a mechanism on the end to retrieve clogs. Carefully slide the snake down the pipe and pay attention to when you notice and obstruction. Try to retrieve any debris in the pipe by slowly pulling the snake out, repeat this process again and again until you have removed the toy from your plumbing. There may be other debris clogging your pipes too, so you will want to be patient.

Following these steps may save you from costly service fees when you need a plumber to help save the toy soldier from an uncertain death. Do not fret if you cannot get the toy out; contact a plumber to help you with the problem and save your plumbing from other dastardly problems that toys can cause. Contact a business, such as Frank Niesen Company, for more information.