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Why You Should Hire Drain Cleaning Services Before Moving To A New Home

Are you about to move into a new house? Are you concerned that there could be issues that the previous homeowner didn't know about? Even in a house that's been well cared for, issues can sometimes arise. As a result, there are some things that you may want to consider doing before you actually move in. Here are some of the top reasons why one of these things should include having your drains cleaned out:

Settled debris: When a home is in use, food and other particles are constantly getting flushed towards the sewer or septic tank. But if the home goes unoccupied for a long time, these bits can settle and stick to the sewer pipe. Once the home becomes occupied again, other bits of debris can stick to this first debris instead of being flushed from the pipe like they should. Drain cleaning services can clean out the old waste, leaving the pipes as clean as possible. This will help you to avoid a backed up septic system in the near future.

Inspect aging pipes: Whether the drains hook up to a city sewer system or to a septic tank, sewer pipes can settle over time. While they may have been laid down straight and perfect, they may start to have dips or sags along their length. These start out as being nearly imperceptible and eventually can become bad enough that water won't flow through the line. Good drain cleaning services will have a camera that they use to inspect the line. They'll be able to tell you whether or not your line does actually have any dips or sags and how bad these dips or sags might be.

Spot & remove roots: Tree and bush roots love sewer pipes. Inside the pipes is both moisture and nitrogen-rich food. As a result, they will exploit even the tiniest of cracks, forcing themselves inside and growing up and down the length of the line. Drain cleaning services will be able to see these roots before they become an actual problem. Whether they've just started to grow into the pipe or they've been there for some time, the plumbing professionals will be able to remove these roots and solve the problem before it becomes a huge issue. Depending on the type of roots that you're facing, they may even be able to sell you a product that will discourage and kill roots that may try to find their way back into the sewer pipe. Contact a business, such as Rooter Pro Plumbing, for more information.