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Three Benefits of Choosing A Tankless Hot Water Heater For Your Vacation Home

If you have a vacation home that you only visit a few times per year, it's worth taking the time to consider your options when replacing the hot water heater. In many cases, you may be better off replacing your standard, tank-style water heater with a tankless heater that heats water on-demand as you use it. Here's a look at some of the benefits of tankless hot water heaters in vacation homes.

You won't pay to keep water warm when you're not around.

When you're not in your vacation home, you can't just turn a tank-style heater off completely. You have to keep water warm to a certain degree to prevent bacterial growth in the tank. Heating this water while you're not around requires energy – so you're paying utility bills for a home you're not currently living in. When you choose a tankless heater, it only uses energy when you use hot water. When you're not around, the hot water heater isn't heating water, so your energy bills remain lower.

There's no tank of water that could potentially leak out and flood your home.

There's always a risk of a pipe bursting, and a tankless water heater does not eliminate that risk. However, it does eliminate the presence of a standing tank of water that could spring a leak and spew water all over your floor. Tank-style hot water heaters can spring leaks not only in the tank itself, but also in the pipes and valves that connect to the tank. When you're not around to catch a leak quickly, the whole tank of water may end up on the floor before you find it. With a tankless hot water heater, there's no standing tank of water to worry about leaking out – you only have to worry about the standard leaks that may occur in pipes throughout the home.

Everyone can shower at once when you are staying in the home.

If you're like most vacation home owners, you bring friends and family members with you to stay. When everyone gets back from a long day of visiting tourist attractions, they'll all want to shower. With a standard, tank-style heater, there's a limited amount of water. Only a couple of people will be able to shower, and then you'll have to wait for another tank of water to heat up. With tankless hot water heaters, water is heated on-demand as you use it, so there's no limit to how many people can shower in a row.

When the time comes to replace the water heater in your vacation home, opting for a tankless heater is a wise choice. You'll save on electricity, reduce the risk of flooding, and ensure that everyone can shower without waiting when they get back at night.

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