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Heat Pump Won't Switch To Cooling? This Could Be Why

When the time comes to put away your snow boots and mittens, it also means that it is time to kick your system into cooling gear. If you have a heat pump, that process may not be as simple as you think, especially after a harsh winter. If your heat pump is stuck in heat mode, here are a few causes to troubleshoot.

The Filter Needs to Be Replaced

Replacing the filter can sometimes solve the problem. It is a good idea to change your filter if you had a rougher winter than usual. You should also check your filter before you switch it between the warm and cooler months to see if it has more wear and tear than usual.

Power Problems

If your heat pump was a little overworked, check the breaker it is connected to. It may just need to be replaced or readjusted. Also, make sure that the breaker isn't overloaded by checking the cords and hoses that attach to the pump. This will prevent the circuit from shorting out and damaging the unit.

Issues with the Thermostat

The thermostat is what connects your heat pump to your system. Sometimes it may need to be checked to ensure that it is functioning properly. Look for the following issues with the thermostat:

  • Dead batteries.
  • The display is not working properly.
  • The thermostat won't turn on.
  • Difficulty adjusting the thermostat to the right temperature.

The Heat Pump is Frozen

If the heat pump still has a little frost on it, the heat pump may be frozen. Remove excess snow and ice and check the coils. Remove the ice and excess snow. Make sure that you are not transitioning from heating to cooling too early, or it can stress your heat pump.

A Few Things to Remember

Switching over your heat pump to cool should be a simple task. There are other things that you can also quickly check to ensure everything is working properly, such as:

  • Checking Freon levels
  • Removing excess debris around and underneath the unit
  • Making sure to clean the coils and replace them if necessary

The best thing you can do to make sure your heat pump is working properly is completing routine maintenance. Making sure that your system is in good condition will help you to avoid spending extra money on costly breakdowns. If none of these factors are stopping your heat pump from switching to cooling, contacting a professional who specializes in heat pumps may the best possible solution. 

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