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Hot Water Heaters: Alternatives To Traditional Energy Wasters

A hot water heater is essential to a home due to all of the benefits that it provides. Hot water that you can use for cleaning, cooking, and bathing are very important to have, but your home can waste a lot of energy in the process of having this water ready. It's important to understand how a traditional hot water heater wastes energy, and what the alternative for your home can be.

How Traditional Hot Water Heaters Can Waste Energy

It's common for hot water heaters to have two primary functions, heating water and distributing it. The water is constantly kept at a hot temperature, even though the typical home doesn't need hot water 24 hours a day. Many lifestyles can get by with using hot water only a couple times throughout the day, which means that energy is being wasted all other times when the hot water is not in use.

In addition, traditional hot water heaters can become faulty over time. The heating element may be turning off and on constantly, causing excessive energy waste while not being very cost-effective with the way it heats hot water.

Try monitoring your hot water heater and see what it does. Have someone fill up a large container of hot water, something that holds about a gallon, and look at how the hot water heater responds to this. Does the hot water heater turn on for a half hour or more to compensate for the water that was just used? You may need to have the hot water heater repaired or replaced due to energy waste.

Consider Tankless Hot Water Heating For Energy Efficiency

With so much energy being wasted to heat water only for it to dissipate while it is waiting to be used, using tankless hot water heating can be the solution to the problem. This sort of water heater will heat the water on demand as you need it, so you are not wasting energy for water to just sit around and waiting to be used.

The biggest shortcoming to a tankless hot water heater is that it is limited to the amount of hot water it can produce at once. Since there is no reserve tank, it is not ideal for a home that has multiple people showering at the same time in the morning. You may have to slightly alter your hot water use, but the benefit in the end will be less energy waste.

For help installing a tankless hot water heater, have a local plumber, like Valley Plumbing Company, do it for you.