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Three Septic Care Tips For New Homeowners

A septic system can be a convenient way for individuals to dispose of the wastewater that their homes produce. However, there are a number of issues that these systems may encounter over the time that you own your house. If you make it a point to use the following few tips, you can help ensure that your septic system is able to avoid some of these potentially serious problems.

Consider Installing A Septic Safe Water Softener

When a home's water is particularly rich in minerals, it is possible for deposits to form on the interior of the plumbing. If these deposits are allowed to form in the septic tank or the drain field, it is possible for them to cause serious blockages to occur. As a result, homes with hard water may benefit from installing a water softening device that is designed for use with a septic tank. These devices can effectively remove much of the excess minerals from the water. However, it is imperative for you to choose a system that is designed for use with a septic system. Water softeners that are not septic safe may release chemicals that can decimate the bacteria in the septic tank that break down solid matter.

Avoid Parking Near The Drain Field

There are many people that may like to park their cars on the grass in front of their homes. However, you should always avoid parking in the area around your septic system. The weight of the car can cause the ground around the septic tank and drain field to become compacted. When this occurs, it may be difficult for the water that is released from the septic system to flow away from the house. This issue can lead to standing pools of water and slow drains in the home, but it can easily be avoided by parking away from this system.

Know When Your Septic Tank Needs A Scheduled Service Visit

One of the more routine mistakes that homeowners can make is delaying or failing to have the septic tank pumped on a regular basis. While having this system pumped can be a septic system pumped every few years. When the system is pumped, any solid materials that have failed to decompose will be removed. This can drastically lower the chances that the system will inadvertently develop a serious clog. While having the tank pumped may represent a slight inconvenience to you, it can be far more than worth it to avoid needing to major repairs done to your septic system.

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