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3 Garbage Disposal Tips To Remember During Summer Grilling Season

Now that summer is here, you might be spending more of your time grilling than cooking at the stove. However, you probably still spend time indoors, preparing food and cleaning up. If you want to prevent problems with your garbage disposal during summer grilling season, remember these simple yet important tips.

1. Avoid Putting Bones in the Disposal

Even though your garbage disposal may be able to grind down small pieces of animal bone, it's not meant to dispose of larger bones. Therefore, if you are going to be grilling out with pork chops, ribs, chicken or other meat that has bones, make sure that you separate these bones from your scraps before pouring them down your garbage disposal.

2. Don't Forget to Do a Thorough Rinsing​

It can be easy to throw your scraps and dirty dishes in the sink and  then head back outdoors, where the grilling and action are, in a big hurry. However, it's important to set aside enough time to thoroughly run and rinse your garbage disposal. Even though your garbage disposal is designed to break down food garbage, the grease and large pieces of food debris can cause clogs. This is why it's essential to run a little bit of hot water -- as well as a little bit of dish soap for particularly large or greasy loads -- behind your garbage disposal to help everything go down properly.

3. Be Careful About Pouring Summer Side Dish Scraps Down the Drain

Just as large bones from meat are a no-no for your garbage disposal, some summer side dish scraps are, too. Even though corn on the cob might taste great with your grilled foods, for example, it isn't a good idea to try to flush them down your garbage disposal drain. The cobs themselves can be too large and hard for your garbage disposal to do its job properly, and the stringy corn can get wrapped up around the blades in your garbage disposal and can cause damage. Pasta salad, baked beans and any side dishes that contain rice are also no-nos, since these foods can swell up when flushed down your garbage disposal and can cause clumps and clogs.

Your garbage disposal can come in really handy during summer grilling season, but you should still be careful when using it to prevent clogs. Follow these tips, however, and you shouldn't have any problems with your garbage disposal unit. Contact a company like Walt's Plumbing for more info.