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Making Portable Restrooms Desirable To County Fair Visitors

If you run a county fair, you will undoubtedly want to have portable restrooms on the premises for guests to use when necessary. Keeping these restrooms in the best of condition will make the experience of having to use one a pleasant experience. Here are some tips you can use to make sure the portable restrooms you rent are kept in the best of shape so fair-goers continue to frequent your event in the future.

Hire Someone To Keep Restrooms Functioning

It is important to have someone designated to check on the restrooms on the fairgrounds so toilets and sinks do not become clogged. Hiring someone with plumbing experience would be preferable since having a large number of people utilizing these comfort stations can lead to unfortunate overflow situations if non-functioning toilets or sinks are not repaired promptly. This person can also do cleaning of restrooms during their inspections so the facilities remain safe for people to use them throughout the event. Attach a flyer to the restroom wall with the employee's cell phone number so restroom users can call for help if paper products run low or if a unit is in need of attention.

Remove Odor From Restrooms Efficiently

Portable restrooms usually have flushing toilets and running sinks, however, since the enclosed area is rather small and there may be a lack of a venting system available, odor can creep up inside rather quickly. Consider opening the doors to the unit during nighttime hours to help freshen the area for the next day. Place some potpourri in decorative baskets and set them on the tanks of the toilets to help with odor in each stall. Placing a fragrant floral arrangement near the front door can also add to the atmosphere visually while giving users a pleasing scent to enjoy.

Add Some Friendly Touches For Guests To Enjoy

Consider hooking up a portable radio in each restroom building so guests can enjoy some music while using the restroom. Place a fair brochure or schedule of events on the interior door of each stall to give guests something to read as they use the facilities. Offer guests high-quality paper products in the units for their comfort.

If the units do not come with mirrors near the sink area, consider attaching a non-breakable mirror on the wall of the unit for guests to spruce up their appearance if desired. A small table can also be placed in this area so guests have a spot to set down their cosmetics, hair supplies, cell phone or keys.

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