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2 Kitchen Faucet Options To Consider

When remodeling your kitchen, it can often be quite difficult to choose a faucet, mostly because there are so many different types and styles on the market that all offer their own set of benefits and aesthetic appeal. Listed below are two kitchen faucet options to consider in order to help you narrow down your choices.


One thing to keep in mind when installing a new faucet in your kitchen is how many holes you would feel comfortable having in either the sink or your countertops. In many cases, individuals try to keep the number of holes to a minimum in order to go for a cleaner look to their kitchen. In that situation, a single-handled kitchen faucet is perfect as only a single hole needs to be cut in your countertop or sink.

This option consists of a single control handle for turning your water on and off as well as regulating the temperature. A single-handled kitchen faucet is a great option to have if you are constantly multi-tasking as you can still operate the sink even if one of your hands is full. However, the only real issue with this option is that it can be more difficult than a traditional two-handled faucet when it comes to precisely adjusting the temperature.


Finally, you will want to consider a pulldown kitchen faucet if you want to have the most amount of flexibility and range when it comes to cleaning your sink or dishes. With most faucet types, the water will not be able to spray directly on every spot within the sink, which can make it more difficult to keep everything clean. However, a pulldown faucet allows you to reach everything in the sink area as the nozzle of the faucet is actually attached to a hose that you can pull out. 

Another issue that a pulldown faucet can help you deal with is a shallow or small sink. For example, if you have a large pot that you need to fill with water, a shallow sink may not allow you to fit the pot under the kitchen faucet. With a pulldown faucet, you can set the pot on the counter next to the sink and simply extend the hose to reach and fill the pot. 

Speak with a contractor or visit your local home improvement store today in order to discuss which kitchen faucets he or she would recommend using for your upcoming remodeling project. Single-handled faucets are great for keeping holes in your countertops to a minimum while pulldown faucets give you a lot more flexibility when it comes to cleaning and dealing with the limitations of a shallow sink. To learn more, contact a company like Do-It-Ur-Self Plumbing & Heating Supply