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Common Toilet Problems Everyone Should Know About

It's time for a crash course in commode complications, otherwise known as the common toilet problems everyone should know about. After all, when you gotta go, you gotta go. The throne is the last thing that should stop you.

The Clog Crisis

It was too much toilet paper. Seriously, using just a smidge too much can cause a major clog crisis. The worst place for this potty problem to occur is a friend's house. It's even worse if it happens the first time you meet your future in-laws. So how do you solve the crisis? Plunge it down instead of disappearing out the window.

Grab a plunger and get to work, but do not panic. The first plunge needs to be gentle because the plunger inserts with air. A panic induced thrust can cause water to spray everywhere as the air is forced out. Gently work the plunger to press out the air and create a seal, then plunge vigorously for 15 to 20 thrusts. It may take alternating between light and hard thrusts before the clog loosens and slips down the drain.

Stubborn clogs might require a snake to open the drain. Do not reach for any snake-like object and insert it. The wrong equipment, no matter how creative, can easily get stuck or lost in the toilet. It's better to explain the need for a plumber-approved snake and work to fix the problem than make it worse.

Unauthorized Object Entry

You never think about an object being flushed down the toilet until you have kids. And sometimes freak accidents like dentures, tampons, or a cell phone hitting the bowl right as a flush is in progress happen. Funny as it may be, these un-seemingly common toilet problems can spell big trouble.

When a child's toy or any unauthorized objects get stuck in the commode, one handy tool that helps is a closet auger. It's a special tool composed of a steel cable encased in a tubular handle. One end is bent like a hook and padded to prevent scratching. The other end has a crank-type handle.

A closet auger should be as standard to own as a plunger. It can be the saving grace when an inanimate object meets toilet bowl mid-flush.

When tackling toilet trouble, remember to use common sense. If the problem isn't presenting a fix within your expertise, call a plumber. The last thing you want to do is damage the commode or your plumbing.