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Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning The Drain

Drains. They're all over your house. When you go into spring cleaning mode, or just want to give them a good scrub, there are some mistakes to avoid at all costs.

#1: Recruiting the Garden Hose

A drain within reach of the garden hose might trigger a major mental misjudgment. Your garden hose sprays a high powered beam of water when squeezed. And water is what your drains are made for, right? Why not point the garden hose down the drains in question and fire away? Because it's a bad idea and a mistake to avoid when cleaning the drain.

The high water pressure from the hose can cause leaks in your plumbing system. The smallest of these can lead to big future problems.

#2: Taking It Apart

How good are you with a Rubik's Cube? It looks like the simplest toy ever, but solving that sucker can be a frustrating and long task. Drains are similar.

Different drains are built differently. For example, when cleaning a basement drain, you will likely remove the cap that sits atop it. Forgetting to replace it can cause a future clog or mix water and waste. Solution? Do not try to backwards-engineer your drains. If you do not know exactly how a drain goes together, don't try to take it apart when cleaning.

What if you tried and have some "extra" pieces? Plumber. STAT.

#3 Poking the Problem

Are you cleaning the drain because it's not allowing water to flow through? Maybe you're standing in ankle deep water after a shower because the drain just isn't doing its job. Lack of flow can indicate a problem. Cleaning the drain just might fix it, but if you see something in the pipe, don't poke the problem.

Plumbing is like a maze. Unless you know how to navigate it and have the proper tools, you could easily see a hairpin, wire coat hanger, or any other household object vanish into the black hole. But it's not your typical black hole scenario. Whatever you lose down the drain stays there until a plumber visits.

If a basic cleaning doesn't fix drainage issues, call an expert like one from RK Knight Plumbing. The drain is the opening to your pipes, and pipes can be costly and time-consuming to replace. Avoid these mishaps when cleaning the drain. You may score points for creativity, but you won't score with your plumber or your wallet.