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Guest's Hair Keeps Clogging Up Your Shower Drain? Try These Quick Tips

When guests stay over your home, you might expect a few things to happen, such as running out of food or feeling overcrowded. But one of the things you might not expect to happen is a shower drain getting clogged. If a guest's hair clogs up your shower drain and causes problems with your sewer lines, take action now to avoid expensive repairs later. Here are things you can do to clean up the hair and protect your home's sewer lines.

What Do You Need to Get?

You can try a number of things first to remove the hair from your shower drain, including snaking the drain with a wire clothes hanger and flushing it with 6 percent cleaning vinegar. You can use the hanger to pull clumps of hair from the drain and vinegar to break down the sticky gunk and residue found inside the plumbing pipe connected to the drain and main sewer line.

When you shop for vinegar, be sure to only purchase a solution made with the percentage mentioned above. A stronger vinegar can be dangerous to use in your home. Also, avoid mixing the vinegar with other chemicals like bleach to keep the odors down. If you still can't tolerate the scent of vinegar, purchase peppermint oil and place a few drops of it down the drain to cover the odor. 

Now you're ready to go.

What Do You Need to Do Now?

After you obtain your drain- and pipe-cleaning supplies, follow the steps below.

  1. Slice the hanger in half with wire cutters, and then create a medium-sized hook in one of the ends with pliers. Pull the other end out straight, then wrap it with several layers of tape to make it easier to grip.
  2. Run very hot water down the shower drain for 3 minutes to soften up the clog and debris. Stay clear of the drain to avoid getting burned by splashes.
  3. Turn off the water, and then use your hanger to remove the hair. Try to insert the hooked end inside the drain as far as you can. You want to pull out as much hair from the plumbing pipe as you can.
  4. Pour three cups of vinegar and two drops of peppermint oil into the drain. Allow the vinegar at least 30 minutes to dissolve the debris. If possible, place a circulating fan in the bathroom and open up a window to keep the odors at bay.

To see whether the drain is clear, run hot water down it for another two minutes. If the drain is clear, the water will go down without bubbling or backing up inside the tub or shower.

If water continues to bubble or back up into the tub or shower, you may have clumps of hair inside the main sewer line. In this case, contact a plumber for additional help. Visit sites like to find a plumber near you.