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3 Reasons Radiant Floor Heating Can Improve Your Life

You've probably heard of heated floors, but they may have sounded a bit like a luxury feature, like heated seats in a car. However, heated floors aren't just a fun feature; they're also a great way to keep your house warm, and can provide a number of benefits. Here are three reasons that radiant floor heating can improve your life.

1. Energy Efficiency

If you care about green living, energy efficiency is probably very important to you. The less energy you waste, the smaller your ecological footprint can be. Keeping your house well-insulated is one way to save on heating system energy, but installing an efficient system such as in-floor radiant heating can help too.

In-floor heating compares favorably to multiple other heating methods. For instance, it can be more energy efficient than both baseboard heating and central heating with ducts.

2. Comfort and Luxury

Cold feet in winter can be a common problem, even if you wear slippers and thick socks. The discomfort caused by a cold floor can be especially marked if your floor is hard rather than carpeted, particularly if it's a heat-conductive material such as tile. Tile floors in bathrooms, for instance, can be particularly uncomfortable in winter, but floor heating changes all that.

With radiant floor heating, you can ensure that your feet stay happy all winter long. You won't have to wear multiple layers of socks to protect against the cold floor. Instead, the floor will be comfortably warm. You can even run the floor heat at night so getting out of bed in the morning will be a gentler, less shocking experience.

3. Options

You may want to install a warm, heated floor, yet be wary of intentionally putting water tubes beneath your flooring. Fortunately for you, some heated floors function by circulating heated air, or using an electric radiant system. Hydronics aren't your only option (although they are the most energy-efficient option).

Another way radiant floor heating gives you options is by avoiding some issues inherent in alternate types of heating. For instance, if you choose floor heating instead of wall radiators, you'll have more options because you won't have to plan your decor and your use of the room around the radiator on the wall.

These are just a few of the benefits that you could reap if you install radiant floor heating. Although the hydronic style of heated flooring is the most popular, it's by no means the only type of floor heating. Before you choose which type of floor heating to install, be sure to discuss the pros and cons of each one with your contractor.

Heated floors can provide a luxurious level of comfort as well as helping you to save energy and reduce your environmental footprint. So get in touch with your local heated floor installation expert today to learn more.