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Are Portable Toilets Suitable For Cold Weather?

Winter may not be the traditional season for outdoor events, but social distancing guidelines mean that many conventional indoor venues are now looking for outdoor alternatives. Your guests may be up for some cold-weather fun, but that still means that you need to deal with the issue of restroom capacity. Portable toilets are the obvious solution, but are they suitable for cold weather?

Fortunately, the answer is "absolutely!" Portable toilets find use in many different climates, including places where the weather remains cold for much of the year. If you're planning on renting these units for an event during the winter, then there are only a few extra considerations you should keep in mind.

Consider Guest Comfort

Standard portable toilet units use relatively thin molded plastic. This design makes them lightweight and easy to transport, but it doesn't offer much insulation or protection from the elements. Places your units in an area that receives direct sunshine throughout the day can help, but the interior will likely remain relatively cold. Portable space heaters are another option, but these may present safety hazards.

A better solution is to consider portable restrooms with integrated heating and insulation. Some premium cubicle units offer built-in heaters that can maintain relatively comfortable temperatures. Likewise, higher-end luxury trailers always include integrated heating and insulated walls. Choosing one of these options will provide your guests with a reprieve from the cold weather.

Discuss Winterization Options

You will also want to check that your rental company takes steps to winterize their units. Winterization can be especially crucial if you will be keeping your portable toilets on-site for multiple days. Without taking special measures to deal with cold weather, waste in the storage tanks can freeze. This unpleasant result can make emptying the tanks a significant challenge.

In most cases, companies deal with this problem by using placing additives in the tanks. The chemicals used vary, but they often include fairly mundane options like rock salt, brine, or chlorine. Ensure that your rental company has a plan in place to avoid problems since issues with frozen storage tanks can result in messy delays for multi-day events.

Maintain Paths and Surrounding Area

Finally, you will need to consider how you'll protect your restrooms from snow and ice. Avoid allowing snowdrifts to build up around the cubicles or trailers, and always keep paths clear. When possible, brush away any snow on the roofs of your units. Although snow can actually provide some additional insulation, meltwater around your portable restrooms can create problems.

Portable restrooms are an effective solution for outdoor events in nearly any climate or any time of the year. If you are concerned about using portable toilet rental units for your event during the winter, be sure to discuss your options with a local rental company.