A Homeowner's Guide To A Leaky Toilet

A leaking toilet is a very common problem for a homeowner to have. Knowing more about what can cause your toilet to leak and what repair options you have, will certainly make the problem a little easier to deal with. Could You Have a Crack Problem? You might notice a crack in the toilet's tank or bowl. A crack in the toilet tank is only a problem if the crack is below water level. [Read More]

3 Preventative Measures To Protect Your Plumbing System

Preventative maintenance of your home's plumbing system is important. Not only can it potentially help you avoid a costly repair, but it can help you spot problems before they get out of hand. Here are some steps you can take to keep your plumbing in good shape throughout the year.    Search for Signs of Leaks Some leaks are easy to spot. Others can hide in areas, such as the walls, for a long time before they are noticed. [Read More]

Hot Water Heaters: Alternatives To Traditional Energy Wasters

A hot water heater is essential to a home due to all of the benefits that it provides. Hot water that you can use for cleaning, cooking, and bathing are very important to have, but your home can waste a lot of energy in the process of having this water ready. It's important to understand how a traditional hot water heater wastes energy, and what the alternative for your home can be. [Read More]

How To Troubleshoot A Washing Machine Inlet Valve

Few home appliances play as vital a role as the washing machine. For that reason, many homeowners are thrown into a panic when their washing machine stops working the way it should. Luckily, many common issues are simple enough to correct without having to hire a professional plumber. This article will teach you how to troubleshoot one common washing machine plumbing issue--a malfunctioning inlet valve.   The Inlet Valve The inlet valve, located on the back of the machine, is the component to which the two water hoses attach. [Read More]