Five Benefits Of Annual Water Heater Service

An annual water heater service visit is a good investment. There are many benefits for maintaining your water heater, so you don't want to skip the yearly service call. 1. Less Noise Hard water scale can build up on the inside walls of your hot water heater. When the scale gets thick, it cracks apart and falls off. The sound of the scale cracking and falling inside the tank is the cause behind the pops and clangs you sometimes hear when your water heater is refilling after you have used the water inside.

Plumbers Can Help With Your Water Heater In Many Ways

Plumbers can help you with your water heaters in many ways. It's important for you to have a properly functioning water heater because your household will depend on hot water for everything from personal hygiene to proper and sanitary housekeeping. If you are having problems with your water heater, or you want to make sure you do all you can to prevent problems, then here are some of the ways a plumber can help you.

Are Portable Toilets Suitable For Cold Weather?

Winter may not be the traditional season for outdoor events, but social distancing guidelines mean that many conventional indoor venues are now looking for outdoor alternatives. Your guests may be up for some cold-weather fun, but that still means that you need to deal with the issue of restroom capacity. Portable toilets are the obvious solution, but are they suitable for cold weather? Fortunately, the answer is "absolutely!" Portable toilets find use in many different climates, including places where the weather remains cold for much of the year.

Three Possible Causes For The Sewage Smell In Your Bathroom

Bad smells can come from all sorts of places in a bathroom, but the smell of sewage could indicate a plumbing problem. This odor is most often a result of sewer gases coming back up into your bathroom, such as through your drains, your drain vents, or your toilet's base. Dry or Clogged P-Trap With sinks or drains that aren't used much, one common cause of a foul sewage-like odor is that the water sitting in the P-trap has dried up, letting in the smell of sewage.

3 Reasons Radiant Floor Heating Can Improve Your Life

You've probably heard of heated floors, but they may have sounded a bit like a luxury feature, like heated seats in a car. However, heated floors aren't just a fun feature; they're also a great way to keep your house warm, and can provide a number of benefits. Here are three reasons that radiant floor heating can improve your life. 1. Energy Efficiency If you care about green living, energy efficiency is probably very important to you.

Own Rental Property? 4 Reasons To Work With A Residential Plumbing Service

If you own rental property, you need to work with a plumbing service provider. As a landlord, you can't afford to ignore plumbing problems. You also don't have time to take care of the plumbing repairs by yourself. Even if you do have the time, it's best to leave plumbing repairs to the professionals. Here are four reasons you need a plumbing service provider for your rental homes.  Get Repairs Done Quickly

Three Ways To Avoid Sewage Exposure In The Home

Sewage exposure comes with a whole host of health concerns. Exposure can lead to headaches and respiratory issues in the short term, but more serious ailments like E. coli and hepatitis are also a risk. Knowing how to avoid sewage exposure keeps you safe and ensures your plumbing is working properly. 1. Avoid Drain Damage Damaged drains are more likely to leak sewage into your walls. With sinks, you need to avoid putting things like grease and oil, paint, or other chemicals down the drain that could cause damage to the pipes or a dangerous backup of the sink drain.

Step By Step Guide To Installing And Maintaining A Water Softener System To Deal With Hard Water Problems In Your Home

If you have a problem with appliances and kitchen electronics being damaged by mineral build-up and scaling, installing a water softener system can help end these problems. The problems with hard water can become costly when they lead to damage and costly repairs, which is why you will want to have the water softener system installed, but you also want to know what maintenance this system is going to need. The following step-by-step guide will help you with the installation and maintenance of a new water softener system for your home:

3 Problems A Damaged Sewer Line Can Cause In Your Home

It can be difficult for a homeowner to diagnose when there's a problem with their sewer line. After all, it's outdoors and buried deep underground, so there's no way to visibly inspect it. However, if you have any of these problems or all of these problems, there's a high likelihood that there's something wrong with your sewer line. Take a look at these plumbing symptoms of a damaged sewer line.

Four Signs That You Have A Leak In An Outdoor Gas Pipe

If you have a gas leak in your kitchen, you will likely detect it by smell. The gas company adds a rotten-egg scent to natural gas to alert you of this problem. But what about a possible gas leak that is coming from a pipe outside of your home? This type of leak is dangerous, and you need to have it repaired immediately. The following are a few signs that you may have a gas leak.